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My Story:
My name is Nicole and I love to design stylish, functional & fun handmade handbags. With years of sewing and designing experience I decided to launch Simply9 Designs founded in May 2016. At Simply9 Designs you will always find a great selection of large handbags, diaper bags, workbags, stylish totes, clutch’s, our 8 in 1 crossbody bags, hobo bags and matching wallets. Here we are 100% hands on and I carefully select all our fabrics, design every style you see, cut fabrics, sew the handbags, take all photographs, and ensure all items are packaged with care for shipping. Every part of the process is handled with attention to details, checked for quality, and if you are not 100% satisfied, neither are we!
A little history:
I have been sewing since I was a little girl (so yes a long time, lol). My mom used to always have me doing something crafty, but sewing was always a passion. Having the ability to customize something unique just for me was not only fun but rewarding, so I figured why not share the love. My son is my greatest motivation and because of him Simply9 Designs truly came to life. The name was developed as an honor to my son and filling a need I now had more than ever.
Simply" came from simply needing a stylish, functional & fun handbag that I could take from day to night. "9" is from my son and I both having our birthdays on the 9th. So in honor of him and the drive he provided Simply9 Designs was born.
I realized that working and busy women everywhere are looking for a bag that looks stylish and trendy on the outside while super functional on the inside. Working/Busy women truly understand the importance of having a bag you can transition from your busy workday, to your duties in the evening, to the fun outings at night. Simply9 Design bags are multi-functional and can be used as work bags, diaper bags, travel bags, laptop/ipad bags, vacation totes, or just be that cute bag you take out at night.
In addition to my collection of items, I always welcome custom orders. I actually look forward to working with my clients to come up with a unique bag all their own.
I do realize that women aren't the only ones out there that are busy, so stay tuned because I plan to soon include bags for men and children.

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know a little more about Simply9 Designs.
~Nicole Tripp - Owner/Designer

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